12 Jan 11 NBA Trade Rumors: How Gilbert Arenas' Suspension Affects Trade Deadline

Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesThe jury has spoken, literally, on the fate of Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas. The impact on the team is evident, but with the impending trade deadline, his actions may have opened new avenues for teams to pursue players.The Wizards may have a fire sale on their hands.The decision has yet to be made, as the ownership of the Wizards is still in question, but it is a foregone conclusion that the team will attempt to void Arenas' contract.The move would relieve them of the substantial financial burden his contract has become and allow them to wheel and deal a bit before the deadline on Feb. 11.The availability of Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler changes the direction of trade winds substantially.The biggest names that have been thrown New Orleans Saints jersey
around in trade talks are Amar'e Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns, Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz, Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors, Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets, and even Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers.There are plenty of potential trades on the table, but everyone knows those are just appetizers to see who is willing to part with what for some sort of return.The most prominent teams looking for deals are: the Chicago Bulls, who want to build around point guard Derrick Rose; the Rockets, who are trying to get rid of Tracy McGrady; and a handful of other teams trying to part ways with players who just don't fit in.Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks has been discussed in trade rumors this season because of his recent injury problems and substantial drop-off in production. The versatility and steady play of Shawn Marion makes Howard much more expendable.The Jazz could make a move for Butler and Jamison and dump Boozer in D.C. It may not be the best option for Boozer, but the Jazz have a great point guard and plenty of role-players to be a contender now.The Wizards could finally make a real effort at defense, with Boozer giving some much needed toughness at the power forward position.The potential return for both teams is great.The amount of names being mentioned as potential trade bait is long and illustrious, as usual.Arenas being suspendedand agreeing to extend that suspension for the remainder of the seasonmakes it more likely that the Wizards will entertain offers from anyone in the league for anyone on their roster.The Wizards are far from championship material, but the team is made up of players who could immediately help another, more established team.Cleveland would like to hold on to LeBron James any way possible, and the best way to do that would be to surround him with better players than he has now.He has Mo Williams as his proverbial Scottie Pippen, but doesn't have a consistent enough cast beyond that. It isn't out of the realm of possibility to think the Wizards could package Brendan Haywood with Jamison for odd-man out Shaquille O'Neal and another player.The Wizards get Shaq's expiring contract, and the Cavs get a younger center with good production in Haywood and a great scorer and rebounder in Jamison. Cleveland becomes a much more appealing place for James to stick around, instead of taking the money and running to New York.Butler seems to be the centerpiece of any deal the Wizards could make because he is young and seems to fit in well no matter where he is. He averaged double-digit scoring in both Miami and Los Angeles before settling into his role with the Wizards.The package of Jamison and Butler could net the Wizards' Stoudemire, another player, and maybe a pick.The value of New York Giants jersey
both Butler and Jamison gives Washington the advantage in any trade involving the two of them. They could get Boozer, Bosh, or at the very least McGrady, and a good pick.McGrady seems like the most available player out of everyone.He has been deactivated by the team in hopes that he won't re-injure himself, and maybe teams will remember the two-time league scoring champion and not the increasingly frail star of yesteryear.The Wizards have a ton of young players that no doubt hold some value. Randy Foye has become a good scorer and has shown he can run the offense since Arenas was suspended. JaVale McGee is an explosive athlete who is hungry to prove himself. Nick Young can be a great scorer, but remains inconsistent.But what isn't inconsistent in Washington these days?The potential for three-team deals expands greatly because the Wizards have a wealth of talent up for grabs, but can't be too picky about what they get back.The Nets have shown interest in Stoudemire, and have been rumored to be willing to part with Devin Harris and standout center Brook Lopez. The Wizards could somehow throw Jamison and Butler into the fray and get a young, talented player for the future out of it. The possibilities are endless.To look at things from a different perspective, the Arenas suspension may have closed a few doors for the trade deadline.Many players seek trades or are included in trade talks because they are unhappy or have expiring contracts. Any team that takes on one of those players has to be aware of the risk involved. The Wizards signed Arenas to a huge contract in hopes that he would eventually lead them to a championship in the future.Teams are much less likely to shell out $100 million for a player who shows even the slightest discontent with their situation.That puts players like Stoudemire at risk for long-term deals. He has had major knee surgery in his career, and despite showing no ill effects, it is another excuse not to trade for him and invest too many millions in a future that is less certain every season.An interesting wrinkle in the Arenas situation is the potential for the Wizards to attempt to trade him.Team President Ernie Grunfeld was as vague as possible in a press conference regarding Arenas and Javaris Crittenton's suspensions. Reading between the lines, the Wizards are not going to be in the Arenas business beyond this season, let alone past the trade deadline.There is very little that can be done with Arenas because of his aforementioned contract, but that doesn't mean someone wouldn't be willing to reach for a potential star. Arenas can still play; he is simply a behavioral concern now.But that didn't stop anyone from wanting Ron Artest.Arenas could bring in a slew of young players and expiring contracts, but more importantly, draft picks. He commands so much money that the likelihood of a trade is slim, but that is where three- and four-team deals come into play.Someone has to be interested in Arenas and may be willing to give him a chance to prove he is not the antagonist the New York Jets jersey
media has portrayed since his firearm incident.In a market that will soon be flooded with big names come summertime, there is less need to make the blockbuster trade right now.The trade deadline is always an eventful time in the typical NBA season. This time around, teams may be more discerning buyers and sellers with the lesson hopefully learned from the poor investment the Wizards made in Arenas.